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All the major opposition parties joined their hands in bringing forth a new anti-government campaign against the government escorted by Prime Minister Imran Khan and also the Pakistan Military’s strange engagement in which Nawaz Sharif’s Speech Against Pakistan Army had made PDM jalsa suspicious in the politics of the country.

The dominant parties included the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N) in collaboration with other local parties had shown alliance against the false government, in a conference which was held in Islamabad.

All the six parties with other small local parties endorsed an allegation, declaring the “Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)” as an official act.

It is aiming at holding nationwide protests against the ‘incompetent’ Imran Khan.

This also says that the Pakistan Army is backing up the IK’s government.

Two Strong opposition leaders, Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari joined the All Parties Conference via Video call:

This was the first time for former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to give his speech to the All Parties Conference through a video call.

Nawaz Sharif also pointed out the Pakistan Military people for becoming the source of rigging, during the 2018’s election, which had brought Imran Khan in power.

“The Pakistan Army’s establishment should stop every kind of interference in politics forthwith.”

Nawaz Sharif said while indicating General Bajwa in his speech,

“This is all you’re doing. I hold you responsible for all the mess you have created. We are seeing unemployment, unprecedented inflation. The ‘roti’ now costs ten rupees and medicine prices have reached new heights. People cannot afford to pay their electricity bills.”

He also added by saying,

“Call me a traitor. Call me a rebel. Make me a convict. Label me a hijacker. Seize my properties. File false cases against me, but Nawaz Sharif will continue to speak for his people.”

He also had shown his support to the martial law or to have a re-election as soon as possible because this selected government had raised the taxes and had taken that much loan from IMF in only two (2) years than us in four (4) years.

“Either we have martial laws in the country or a strong parallel government is created whenever we have a civilian government. Our foremost priority is to get rid of this non-representative, incapable, and selected government.”

Nawaz Sharif’s speech was broadcasted throughout the country.{Nawaz Sharif’s Speech}

He also recalled the past by saying,

“Sheikh Mujib was accused of being a traitor, and that led to the creation of Bangladesh. But the real traitor was General AAK Niazi, who surrendered shamelessly in Dhaka, but no one can call him a traitor.”

PM Imran Khan’s strike back at Nawaz with his bludgeon statements:

He started his speech by showing his thankfulness to the Tiger Force.{Imran Khan Speech}

They had helped in getting out of many worst conditions like urban flooding, and many more difficult situations.

“The volunteer force has a high stature in society because you have to protect the rights of our citizens. This is a big role in a democracy: Tigers, you have a big role. Pakistanis are a nation that stands for their country.”

He also talked about the circus which had taken place yesterday.

“I had predicted that when we go after these robbers, they will unite. You saw last night Nawaz Sharif’s Speech Against Pakistan Army that they were together.”

Behind him, there were two pictures of Nawaz Sharif.

Poking him with his humorous statements, he said.

“When Shireen Mazari saw this (referring to the unflattering photo), she became teary-eyed. I am telling you again — seeing tears in Shireen Mazari’s eyes is not a normal thing. She isn’t so easily moved.”

The whole crowd yelled with laughter at that statement.

Imran Khan also reacted with anger to Nawaz’s Statement against Pakistan Army.

“What he [Nawaz] has said sitting outside is against Pakistan Army: it is not an attack on Gen Bajwa, but an attack on the Pakistani army.”

Originally published at on October 26, 2020.



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