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UPDATED REPORT: On September 4, 2020, According to Messi’s interview, he wants to stay with the club because it’s getting hard for him, to quit the club without getting in trouble with the €700m release clause in his contract.

Messi’s Interview

He says,

“I’m now staying because the president told me that the only way I could leave was by paying the €700m release clause, which is impossible.”

Messi’s father and his lawyer tried their best for Messi that he could leave the Barcelona club without the payment of the €700m release clause as per the contracts say, before its expiration.

He also added during his interview,

“It was a massive drama when I told my wife and my sons. The whole family was in tears, my sons didn’t want to leave Barcelona or have to change schools.”

Further, He said,

“I’m going to stay at Barca and there will be no change in terms of my attitude, regardless of the fact I wanted to leave. I’ll be giving my all.”

“Will Messi be able to revoke his contract from Barcelona before its expiration?”

On August 26, 2020, Lionel Messi wants to quit Barcelona before he can freely leave the club till the coming June.

It has been a couple of decades for Messi that he has delivered to Barcelona, what he was assigned for. During this period, he had acquired six Ballon d’Or.

It is a massive achievement for him as his name has surpassed the ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’, another big name in the world of football.

No one has ever reached up to that mark. So it’s the Messi who has done the impossible.

However, he had sent his ‘Release Clause’ documents to the club administration through his lawyer. On which they haven’t responded still yet because they are trying to make up Messi’s mind to take back his decision.

The club’s overall performance is also not going sound.

With Messi, the club had achieved 10 ‘Spanish League Titles’ and four ‘Champion Leagues’.

The Reaction of Famous People to Messi’s Interview:

Carles Puyol, Former Barcelona’s Captain, tweeted,

“Respect and admiration, Leo. All my support, friend”

Barcelona’s new coach Koemen said,

“I don’t know if I have to convince Messi. if it’s a yes or a no; I want to know what he thinks, I hope that he stays.”

Reasons: Messi’s quitting from Barcelona

The catastrophe had begun with Barcelona’s defeat against Osasuna with 1–2.

Messi provoked and said,

“The fans are losing their patience because we are not giving them anything”

But the situation had calmed down after their victory against Alavés.

But the situation had inflamed when Barcelona was stamped out by Bayern Munich by 8–2. It is a great disgrace for such a legendary player.

That’s why he was concerned about his future Football career with Barcelona.

Another reason was that, during the pandemic situation of Novel COVID-19, there was a ‘big cut’ in the salaries of the players.

So in support of his teammates, Messi had endeavored the club administration,

“To our great surprise, from within the club, some have been trying to scrutinize us and pressurize us into doing something that we were always clear we would do.”

After Messi’s interview, his final verdict about his ‘retirement from Barcelona’, has cooled down the situation.

Originally published at on September 5, 2020.



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