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Things are getting worse for Donald Trump. However, He is still hopeful to lead the latest presidential polling of US Election 2020 and will be able to retain his throne.

November 3, 2020, will definitely make things go upside down on either side.

Joe Biden, well-known as Barack Obama’s Vice President.

He is the current leader of Republicans and has been in politics since 1970.

When Is the 2020 Election?

On November 3, 2020, the US Election 2020 will be happening.

For that purpose, many campaigns are on-going in different states by both leaders of the Democrats and the Republicans.

Who is leading national presidential polls?

The latest presidential polling is going on all over the United States of America. Although people never trusted such a system of polling.

The polls which had occurred back in 2016, when Hillary had a clear edge and was leading the elections undoubtedly and still she had lost.

This had happened because the U.S. had used a system of the electoral college, in which winning most of the votes doesn’t mean you have the victory in an election.

In 2020, Déjà vu! History is repeating itself!

This time, Joe Biden has taken the lead over the current president, Donald Trump.

People are concerned about who will going to win the White House.

Trump’s and Biden’s Rating After Debate:

Biden’s rating after his speech has galloped to 52% among all Americans who do want him to be the next President of the United States of America.

According to the Party’s identification, prediction of Americans:

Donald Trump Criticizes Joe Biden In His Campaign

Total Polling Summary: Biden vs. Trump:

All in all, Biden is clearly the one who’s winning the presidential race. Let’s see what happens in the upcoming days of the latest presidential polling of US Election 2020.

Originally published at https://thenewsloop.com on October 12, 2020.



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